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‘Primary school children and elderly people and thier carers, they were connecting together as they were learning to sing, and the more they did the more thier faces broke into smiles’ - Dr Richard Vincent


‘Music and kids, especially combining the two together - a winning combination’ - Tom Niedzialkowski, Activities Co ordinator Sunrise Care Home


'Music bridging the generation gap with ease' 

'The Intergenerational Opera project has been a highlight for both schools in the Bluebell Federation not just for our children but for our parents and our wider communities. There is no better way to connect the different generations than through music and Intergen Opera do this with ease.' - Mrs Petrina Ferris,  Head Teacher: Bluebell Federation                                                                     


'Thank you so much for bringing this project to Lewes and giving me the opportunity to offer such a wonderful experience to the patients and families I work with.' - Julie Barnett, Lewes and District Dementia Action Alliance                                                      

'Thank you for giving us such a happy and memorable experience, it was a joy to work with you and learn so much. Many, many thanks!' - Participants from Fletching project, 2021


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