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Co-founder announcement


Intergenerational Opera would like to announce that Co Founder Charlotte Shaw will now be pursuing a full time teaching position in Kent and will therefore be stepping away from her position within the company.  

In a statement Charlotte wrote 'Intergenerational opera will always hold a very special place in my heart. I still feel passionately about what the workshops have to offer to our community and I feel extremely proud of what we have achieved so far. Though I will not be part of the daily running, I will continue to offer support and guidance when I can.'

Intergenerational Opera are in the process of bringing on board  a host of professional musicians and project leaders work alongside Founder Charlotte Wicks as she continues to deliver exciting and unique outreach projects throughout East Sussex. 

Grand Nanny


Intergenerational Opera is very excited to be featured in a forthcoming blog by Grand Nanny, a company which specialises in Intergenerational Childcare. They will be featuring the benefits of our work on their website. 

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